Hello World Catford!

First of all, an introduction; my name is Harry and my girlfriend and I have recently bought a lovely house in Catford, just off Rushey Green.

Having moved from a slightly leafier street in Forest Hill, and prior to that rural Lancashire, one of the things I have noticed about Catford is the variance in the amount of greenery on the streets here – ranging from some beautiful leafy streets in South Catford, such as Inchmery Road and Bargery Road, to some completely bare streets such as Nelgarde Road and Ringstead Road. (To visualise this I have produced a map of all the street trees in Catford – available here.)

Hence the inspiration to begin a campaign to increase the number of street trees here in SE6. I know that council budgets are stretched at the moment therefore I intend to raise funds via donations from local residents and businesses and I will also be applying for any grant funding that is available. Please see the Campaign Plan for further details.

The first stage in the campaign will be to raise awareness and engage with as many Catford residents as possible – therefore if you live in Catford and would like to see more trees on your street please leave a comment on our Comments page or .

You can also donate directly to the campaign via PayPal:

DonateWithPayPalSmallI will be updating this blog with my progress over the coming weeks and months so please do check back for updates.



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