Catford Is Changing!

‘Catford is Changing’ is the theme of the 2015-16 Rushey Green Assembly Fund and the we want to be a part of that change!

The fund has a number of priorities this year and the Catford Street Trees campaign covers several of these, including:

  1. Improving the local area – additional street trees will greatly enhance the ‘streetscape’ within Rushey Green and will also provide numerous other benefits (see Why do we want more street trees?)
  2. Community cohesion – the campaign seeks to involve many different groups from the Rushey Green area including local residents, local businesses and other community groups

We are submitting an application for £1920 which is enough to fund 8 new street trees. The application form is embedded below for anyone who is interested in the details:

Alternatively you can download a .pdf here: Assembly Fund Application – Catford Street Trees

Any feedback on the application before Thursday’s deadline is very welcome – just leave a comment below.

Next Steps

The deadline for submitting the application is Thursday 3rd and following this there is a Coordinating Group meeting on Monday 7th where all the applications will be discussed.

Date for the diary

If our application is taken forward following the discussion on the 7th it will be voted on at the Assembly Meeting on the 6th October – if you live or work in Rushey Green please come along to this meeting and have your say!


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