Campaign Plan

Ultimately the goal of the Catford Street Tree campaign will be to raise funds to enable the planting of more street trees in our area. Planting a new street tree in this borough has an initial cost of £240[1] followed by an additional cost of £260 over two years for Lewisham Council to carry out maintenance (which is waived if a resident agrees to undertake the maintenance for two years).

Therefore, in order to plant an additional 50 street trees we have an initial fundraising target of £25,000:

50 Trees × £500 = £25,000

In order to achieve this target we will be fundraising in the local area as well as applying for any grant funding that is available.

Step 1

The first step is to gather as much support as possible from local residents and businesses. Having a broad base of supporters will give us a higher chance of securing the funding we need to make this campaign a success.

If you would like to see more trees on your street then please register your interest by adding you name to our mailing list below:

Alternatively you can leave a comment on the Comments page
or .

You can also donate directly to the campaign via PayPal:





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